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Did you know that a significant portion of Brazilians deals with facial oiliness? With the high temperatures prevalent in most of the country, controlling it can be a challenging task that often doesn't yield satisfactory results. Therefore, it's essential to know what the right skincare routine for oily skin entails and to follow it daily.

Those with dark skin may experience even more sebum production since they tend to have larger sebaceous glands, which increases facial oiliness. However, this can be mitigated with a skincare routine tailored for oily skin.

So, if you still have questions about the products and habits that can improve the health of your skin, Creamy is here to help! Below, check out 5 tips for caring for oily skin that can bring significant changes!

  1. Keep Your Skincare Routine on Point

The main characteristic of oily skin is the excessive production of lipids (sebum). However, with a skincare routine tailored to this characteristic, your skin becomes healthier, with balanced sebaceous gland activity and without altering the texture of your face throughout the day.

Certain active ingredients can benefit this skin type, such as salicylic acid. In the tonic solution developed by Creamy, this compound is combined with tea tree (melaleuca) for anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, reducing the appearance of blackheads and pimples.

Because it promotes chemical exfoliation, this BHA should be used after cleansing in your oily skin skincare routine. After complete absorption, proceed to the next steps: moisturization and protection.

Although many people believe that moisturizing oily skin makes it look shinier, there are products that don't have this effect. Opt for oil-free formulas with watery and lightweight textures for a positive sensory experience throughout the day.

  1. Hydrate Inside and Out

There are still many questions about how to hydrate oily skin, but it's as simple as investing in formulas suitable for this skin type. Creamy's Facial Hydrating Serum is ideal for this because it has a lightweight formula that is quickly absorbed.

For nighttime routines, you can use a renewing serum for hydration. Components that favor oily skin care include lactic acid and niacinamide. Together, they promote chemical exfoliation to control shine, minimize the appearance of pores, and prevent acne.

Moreover, it's essential to hydrate your body from the inside out by consuming at least two liters of water per day. If you find it challenging, try flavored water and natural juices until you get used to it, or use reminder apps that indicate the times for intake and the remaining quantity.

It's also advisable to avoid very fatty foods and prioritize those that contribute to overall health, such as those rich in antioxidants. They help your skin regenerate and fight against premature aging, enhancing the effects of your skincare products for oily skin.

  1. Use Makeup to Your Advantage

Makeup can be an ally in caring for oily skin. Primers used before foundation, concealer, and other powder products reduce shine through a blur effect and help keep your face matte.

Sunscreen, foundation, and BB creams can also contain ingredients that balance oil production or increase it. Therefore, prefer formulas designed for oily skin, as they are oil-free and developed with compounds that help control oiliness, such as salicylic acid.

For a drier touch, seal your makeup with compact powder with or without color. Some have sun protection factors and can be applied throughout the day to reinforce UV protection and prevent excessive shine on hot days.

  1. Avoid Touching Your Face Unnecessarily

Hands can increase oiliness by transferring dirt and oil from your fingers to your face. It may be challenging to break this habit, especially when excessive shine leads people to touch their faces in an attempt to dry their skin. However, this effect is temporary and superficial and can remove the layer of sunscreen.

Another useful tip is to avoid wearing bangs for extended periods because hair contact on the forehead can trap oiliness and increase acne in that area. In this case, dry shampoo can be used to reduce hair shine. For resting moments, headbands, hairpins, and bands also help your face breathe.

  1. Avoid Washing Your Face with Very Hot Water

Hot water is one of the enemies of the skin, especially oily skin, as it removes the protective lipid layer, making it more prone to irritation, dryness, dermatitis, and even worsening acne. By removing this protection, your face tends to produce more sebum to stay hydrated, which exacerbates oiliness.

Therefore, prioritize warm water during winter showers and cold water when cleansing your face as part of your oily skin care routine. To dry your face, use towels with soft bristles and avoid rubbing or friction with the fabric.

Creamy Makes Caring for Oily Skin Easier!

With Creamy's intelligent formulas, taking care of oily skin becomes more straightforward and yields satisfactory results from the first applications. Check the recommended routine on the website and create your skincare regimen with potent and safe active ingredients!

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