Rich Cream

Whether you're trying to repair a damaged skin barrier after over-exfoliation, or need an intense moisture boost, this is the perfect product for you.

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product a little better:

Our Calming Rich Cream is an all-round skin savior! A multifunctional moisturizer, full of barrier boosting ingredients, this lightweight and highly nourishing formula will restore lipids, relieve irritation, and soothe redness soon after application.

Formulated with exclusive ingredients from our Calming Complex – Avocadin™ HU25, Neutrazen™, Hypskin to treat redness and sensitivity while preventing irritation. Hypskin is our exclusive bioactive which can easily penetrate and treat even the deeper layers of the skin.

& clinically proven to:

Rapidly relieve sensibility and reduce redness;
Repair, hydrate and strengthen the skin barrier;
Calm & soothe irritation;
Prevent recurring flare-ups and build skin tolerance.

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